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Part of one of my challenges for the Silver Arts Award I am working towards is to create a piece of art, document it, review it, and receive feedback from other people on it. Therefore, above is an image of a cityscape I created using mix media, acrylic paints and ink of a self-photographed part of town near me. What I would like is if you could comment below with your feedback, criticism, likes  and dislikes for this piece of art I made. [Please be honest!]
1. What do you like about this painting?
2. What do you dislike?
3. What do you think could be improved?
+ any other thoughts/opinions.
Thank you.

7 paint strokes:

  1. 1) The thing I like most is that it appears so realistic. Yes, this is a painting but from a distance could easily be mistaken for an amazing photograph.
    2) The only issue I have is that it is quite dark, there are a variety of colours but they're all fairly dark, so it looks slightly miserable.
    3) I think the one thing you could improve on is just brightening it up a little slightly.


    Holly x

  2. 1) One of my favourite aspects of the piece is the way the paint is used to show texture along the path – it makes the piece more interesting than if it was completely block colours without any texture. I also love the subtle use of typography near the top of the piece. :)

    2) The only issue I can think of is that the colours used are quite subdued and shadowy, so maybe you could use bright colours to create areas of highlight.

    3) To improve, you could get a very fine paintbrush or white pen to add in areas of highlight and glints of light (e.g. on the posts). I think this would also add an extra element of detail to the piece. :)

    But, overall, it's STUNNING – I really love how you've put it together. :)

  3. 1) I really like how it's both realistic as well as abstract as the paint is kind of smudgy yet neat at the same time.
    2) The part where it says "ockport express", the text is kind of out of place there. I think it would look much better if you either cover it with paint, or with just normal black&white text from a newspaper.
    3) I realised I just mentioned how to improve on the 2) haha

    But overall, I luvvvv it!! You have more talent than me, I can't even draw a circle to save my life. Lol!

  4. I like how you were able to combine the different techniques into your piece, as well as the added texture on the cobble road and the crinkled edges of the extra newpaper. For me, I find the colours too similar, and my eyes seem to focus straight onto the yellow/golden colour on the bridge rather than looking at the whole thing.

    I think for improvements, it'd be nice for you to look at the finer details. You've got the main bold shapes, I'd like to see the buildings have more texture and detail. I think because of the lack of detail the piece almost seems a little flat - the street pole things especially, which throws everything off. I would also love to see it presented on a canvas rather than on a sketchbook page, to give that overall finished feel - but now I'm just becoming picky :P

    Overall - yes, like everyone else, I really love it! Even with all the criticism, I like the idea of you piece and I am glad you have chosen to study art for Alevels because it's clearly a class that you should be doing! And good luck with the rest of your arts award! :))

  5. 1) I love how it's mixed media and not just basic paint. There's a lot of texture and tone within the piece and it's completely unique.

    2/3) Like June, I think the bit of text is slightly out of place. It would look better black and white.

    This is amazing though, overall!

  6. 1. I like the colour scheme and the abstract nature of the buildings.
    2. I feel that the yellow and blue bit at the top is out of place as the bright colours don't really match the rest of the picture.
    3. maybe work on the perspective a bit more? not sure if you were going for that effect though.
    Hanifah xx

  7. 1. I like the depth, the use of colour and space, and the different techniques used (for example, the leaflet/newspaper cutting.)
    2. The buildings where the roofs are visible don't seem quite right in terms of being properly three-dimensional, but it could be argued that that just adds character to the piece.
    3. More work could be used on getting the buildings at the right angle.

    Well done and good luck. :)


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